Blog #2 (Twitter Chat)

This week I took my training wheels off and participated in my first ever twitter chat!! To be honest, before this course I never even knew what a twitter chat was. I had no idea that these things actually existed. I thought it was pretty cool how people set aside time out of their days to discuss topics with others that they are passionate about.


It’s hard as a college student to participate in the chat for two main reasons. The first being that we don’t really have experience to offer back to others. I feel as though I learned a lot through the twitter chat but wish I could have given back in some way. The second being it’s hard to find time to sit down and really spend a half an hour to an hour on the computer following a chat. I know with both of my night classes, dance rehearsals, sorority meetings, work schedule and internship that finding a chat that worked in between all of that was very difficult, but I managed!


After checking the schedule I decided that I was going to participate in the Student Voice chat Monday night at 8:30 with the hashtag #stuvoice. I introduced myself and got no response, only one person liked my tweet. I was at the chat early (around 8:15 or so) and so I didn’t expect much action until it was 8:30. I don’t know how, but at one point I ended up looking at the Educational Technology Chat (#edtechchat) and saw that it was really busy! Around 8:32 there were no new tweets in the #stuvoice chat, so I hopped into #edtechchat and really took off!! There seemed to have been one designated person running the chat asking answers and waiting for responses. People would tweet A1, A2, A3, etc. before responding to the question asked. There were also several different groups having chats within the twitter chat.  That’s what I did since I jumped into the chat late. I asked the question “How would you recommend using technology in the classroom? How do you personally do it?” and received a reply almost instantly! A technology applications teacher named Steven Muniz (@thesmuniz) and I conversed the whole entire time, with others jumping in with responses as well. Another teacher named Greg McVerry (@jgmac1106) jumped in as well with the discussion.


When discussing blogs, I had mentioned that this course requires us to use a blog and that I had never used one before. I learned about a different blog site called campus press which can only be used if purchased. From what I learned last night, most educators use word press. When conversing with Steven Muniz, he mentioned PBL (project based learning). I know what the term means but didn’t know that was a commonly used abbreviation so I asked him what it meant. He sent me a link when he answered my question that went more in depth about PBLs. (


Greg McVerry jumped in at one point of the conversation and shared one of his student’s video blogs. He didn’t go too much in depth about what course he teaches, grade level and where. From the video I’m assuming it is a college student who is an education major of some sort taking a similar class to this! Here is her video blog if you would like to check it out.

Steve also sent me the link to his students collective blog!


I chose to follow back Steven, Greg, Leslie DiChiara (@lrdichiara) Iceberg Ed Group (@ed_group) and Liam Bayer (@liamBIE). I chose to follow these people because they all responded to me in the chat at some point throughout the night. I also hope to chat with them some other time, perhaps when I am first starting to teach and really using the things I have learned through the chats and this course to use. I really liked how they shared their links to me so I can get a feel of what other educators are doing. It was nice to see different ways and get different ideas.

Overall I really enjoyed this assignment! Definitely something that I learned a lot from!


Here is some of the discussions I had!

Displaying IMG_0190.PNG

Displaying IMG_0191.PNG

Displaying IMG_0192.PNG

Displaying IMG_0193.PNG

Displaying IMG_0194.PNG

Displaying IMG_0195.PNG

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Displaying IMG_0197.PNG

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