Personal Interest Project

For my personal interest project, I have decided to focus in on a school implementing a 1:1 initiative: Conwell-Egan Catholic High School located in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania (my alma mater.)


When I was a senior, they began the initiative by only provided the freshmen with iPads. Every class after that would be given an iPad and in four years time, the entire school will be on the same playing field. As a senior, watching the underclassman be given iPads to work with while we had to make due with what we had was not fair. It made sense in a way to not give us iPads since we were graduating, but there were other ways the school could have handled the transition.


For this project, I plan to interview the gentleman in charge of the IT department about what his opinion is, how he thinks the initiative is going, whether it is successful or not, changes he would like to see and what he thinks is in store for the future with this initiative.


I also plan on interviewing my neighbor who is currently a junior at CEC. I plan on asking her about what it was like transitioning from grade school to high school with the differences of technology used. I also plan to ask her how she uses it for her learning and what types of activities and lessons do some of her teachers use incorporating the iPad.


The last person I plan to interview is a teacher who has taught with the initiative. I plan to ask them their opinion of the initiative, whether or not they find the iPads beneficial to students and learning, how they incorporate it in the classroom, and what they think is in store for the future with the initiative.


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