Final Blog Post

When I walked into this course on the first night, I had no idea what to expect. I was every nervous about what I would be doing and if I would be able to learn it. I can function my laptop, and iPhone decently well, I’m still learning how to operate things after having these devices for years. But honestly, I was so wrong about this course. I learned so much week after week about different sites and resources available to teachers. Every education course taught at Albright is useful in the field. With some courses, I often think “Will I ever even use this? Will this even be useful to me?” and this class gave me no hesitation with my response. I actually created my screencast for my Math lesson I had to teach for my method final and Mrs. Simyak was blown away. This course I feel gives us the advantage over other applicants when we go out and apply for jobs. Majority of my classmates will be taking this course next semester and a lot of them have asked me about it. I have always said its the best course offered and hands down my favorite EDU class taken here. I feel as though I have grown so much with my abilities and knowledge with technology and it’s all because of this course. I wish we had a second part to it! The only thing I wish we did was learning more about Macs. I don’t have one and have never used one and it kinda scares me to use, so maybe some background knowledge would have been useful for people like me. Thanks so much for an awesome course and for being such a great professor. You definitely did your job because I have learned so much! Happy Holidays! Enjoy your time off and stay warm! 🙂


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