COM 390 Blog Post #1

For my first blog post, I’m going to mention my interests, then answer one of the prompts on the website attached in our assignment description on moodle.


My interests: I have danced my entire life. It is a huge part in who I am. Out of all of the styles, I prefer tap dancing over anything else. I’m on the dance team here on campus.. I’m a sister in Phi Mu, and I hold two positions that consume a lot of my time. I’m an early childhood education major, and love every second of it. I love Hulu and Netflix. My favorite shows to watch are the Bachelor/Bachelorette, This is Us, and the Goldbergs all because I find them extremely entertaining. I love 80’s RomCom movies and have watched majority of the most popular films several times. I love being with my friends, and my family.


The prompt on the website lists several very interesting prompts. The one I have selected to write about was my favorite childhood possession.


When I was six years old, my father suddenly passed away four days before Christmas. He was not sick. He was a healthy, 35-year old man with three children, and a family who loved him dearly. He went to bed and never woke up. The cause of death is still unknown to this day, as my family did not chose to have an autopsy. Since I was only six, I don’t remember much of him at all. His memory and moments we shared together as a family are vague to me, a blur even. It’s safe to say my favorite childhood possession is something of my fathers.

The first Christmas after my father passed away, I remember my mom giving my brother, sister, and I each a bag. In each of our bags were teddy bears, all made of different colors. After we opened our present, my mom read us a card from my father. The card read that my dad made the bears for us in Heaven, and that the bears are made from his clothes, which is why all of ours are different. Seven-year old Emily really truly believed that the bear was from my dad and that he sent it down to us, when my next door neighbor spent an entire year making the bears for us, and wrote the card from my father to give to us. To this day it is my favorite gift and childhood possession. It is the part of my father that I’ll be able to keep forever, and I will never part with it.


One thought on “COM 390 Blog Post #1

  1. That’s such an amazing gift! Thank you for sharing this. (And “This is Us” is one of my favorite shows lately, too.) In terms of writing: Try using a more specific headline and perhaps an image to accompany your story?


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