Profile Topic

For my profile, I have selected two women who I am close with on Albright’s campus. I wanted to know what you think would be the better option for this next assignment.

Option 1: Amanda Walck (I know you have already read a lot about her from my other assignment in 315).

Amanda Walck ’14 is the Assistant Director of the Fund for Albright. She has worked and planned both 24 Hour Challenges and oversees the phoneathon program here on campus. She is also the advisor for Greek Life on campus and balances her time working out of the camp building and Greek Office. Amanda ran formal recruitment for the sororities on campus that involved months of planning and preparation. I think she would be a great person to do a profile on since she plays two big roles on campus and was a recent graduate of the college. She can discuss the importance of fundraising for Albright, since she is responsible for fundraising for this college.

Option 2: Shelia Simyak, an Early Childhood Education Professor

Professor Simyak is a former teacher and building principle preparing students to go out into the classroom and teach, or as she likes to refer to it as, “saving lives.” Wise beyond her years, professor Simyak is one of the few professors on campus who work directly with students both in Albright’s classrooms as well as during practicum and student teaching. I think she would also be a great person to do a profile on since she has a lot of experience working as an educator and principle. I also think it would be interesting to gather her thoughts and opinions of the discontinuation of the early childhood education program here at Albright. This profile could also go hand in hand with my DeVos articles. She can comment on the importance of public schools and what kind of teachers are needed in today’s society.


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