Fourth Hour Assignment

In my opinion, a clear focus on what you’re aiming to capture makes a photograph successful. If the photographer has a vision of what it is they are trying to capture, then I believe that the photographer will do what it takes to make their vision a reality. Other aspects that go into photography are lighting, setting, and camera quality. Obviously you’re not going to get professional quality from an old flip phone camera.

I personally have no professional experience with photography. I have been captured by friends who are interested in photography, and by professionals for my yearly dance shots done by dance studios. The most experience I have behind the camera is behind my iPhone 6, which takes decent pictures, but nothing too professional. I would really like to learn about the editing process and what kinds of softwares photographers use to edit their pictures.

A photograph I admire is one that my friend actually took on her iPhone when we went pumpkin picking. I like how it captures the pumpkins and captures perfectly the bright colors of the pumpkins.



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