4th Hour

For my photo story line, I was thinking of taking photos at the Philadelphia Flower Show. I’m going to the show with my family over spring break. I had the idea of taking candid photos of people with the flowers as well as posed photos and capture my slideshow “Stop and Smell the Roses.” Ideally, I would like my photos to show people stopping and enjoying life and the beautiful flowers that are presented at the flower show. I also would be taking pictures of just the flowers themselves. I don’t own a nice camera, so my photos will be taken through my iPhone. I plan to edit them in the Mac lab here on campus.


One thought on “4th Hour

  1. I think this is an intersting concept. They are so many types of flowers, I have no doubt that you will be able to create beautiful, colorful photos. The human aspect is ideal too because it will be able to show emotion and people enjoying the fair.


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