Amanda Walck: Albright College’s Most Dedicated Alumna

Albright professors, faculty, staff, and even the students in the senior class may remember Amanda Walck as a history and criminology student at Albright College. A student no more, Walck has traded in her textbooks for a cubicle on the third floor of the Camp building with a plaque sitting on her desk that readings, “Amanda Walck, Assistant Director of the Fund for Albright.


Interview Highlights

On where she ideally saw herself after graduation

As a history and criminology major, Walck is out of her element. “I knew upon graduation that I wasn’t going to go to grad school right away and I knew that I wanted to stay at Albright,” states Walck. While a student at Albright, Walck had applied for several jobs within the college before graduating. Other than her love for the college, the other main factor of why she wanted to stay with the institution was because of its rich history.

A former student worker in the college archives, Walck was able to see first hand the history of the college and its alumni. “After my  two years in the archives I kinda felt like I was just digging in.”

Ultimately, Walck plans to go graduate school to earn her masters in library science and American history. “I want to be an archivist, whether that’s at Albright or somewhere else,” says Walck.


On transitioning from student to staff

“It was an interesting transition,” states Walck. Because Albright College is a liberal arts institution, the courses that are offered aim to prepare students for all employment opportunities. Walck felt that because of her liberal arts degree, she was prepared to take on the role of the Assistant Director of the Fund for Albright only a few short months after receiving her diploma. “I definitely feel as though my time at Albright as a student had really prepared me to go into a business and work environment.”

A graduate of the class of 2014, Walck mentions that it’s nice still being relevant to the students, since the current senior class were Albright’s newest students during Walck’s senior year.

Being a young alumna employed by the college allows her to connect with the current students. She also likes the fact that with her working at the college that she serves as an example to the current students that no matter what degree students may graduate with, the liberal arts education students receive from Albright prepares you for all opportunities.


On her role and impact on the college


As the Assistant Director, Walck works hand-in-hand with the Director of the Fund, Kathleen Sutton. On a daily basis, she oversees the Phoneathon program, students who are paid by the college to call alumni, parents, and friends of the college to gain monetary support for the school. She also works with the young alumni on giving, the Lion Diplomats, a student group on campus that promotes student understanding on philanthropy, and she runs the senior class gift, an initiative to get the current senior class to give back to their soon-to-be Alma Mater.

The development department, where Walck’s work is based out of, financially supports the college. “I really think the effect is just in the day-to-day stuff,” says Walck. “Sometimes I don’t notice the overreaching myself until we get towards the end of a fiscal year. Last year we are able to say that we raised two million dollars for the Fund for Albright.”


On the importance of giving back to Albright

One of the reasons students who attend Albright enjoy their experience is because they have been directly effected by the philanthropy of others. Another person has sacrificed and donated to the college so that students today are able to be here and pursue a higher education. “In my opinion, educating everyone on what goes on behind the scenes, what giving back has already done, should be inspiring enough for it to continue happen again,” says Walck.


On how she personally contributes to support Albright

Other than her paid position, Walck gives back to the college in several ways. “I give back with my time. Not only do I work here but I volunteer here,” states Walck. Alongside of her job obligations, Walck assists with reunion committees for homecoming, Greek life on campus, and helps her student employees with whatever she is able to help with. “I also support the college financially,” says Walck. “It’s not a lot, but somebody did it for me. I know that there were a lot of people over the years that gave in order for me to be able to have the education that I do have.”


Whether it is through her paid position, monetary donation, or volunteer work, Walck is a dedicated alumna of Albright College. Her passion for the institution is shown everywhere she goes on campus through her work to enhance the college for its current and future students.


2 thoughts on “Amanda Walck: Albright College’s Most Dedicated Alumna

  1. Nicely written! Please review rules for it’s/its and use alumna as a singular noun. Can you discuss her graduation year and major higher in the article? Your headline could be more specific and the subheadlines shorter (since you are dropping them into the article rather than as a Q&A).


  2. Your piece is really good. I especially like your ending, using the quote, “I give back with my time,” and focusing on the personal aspect leaves the reader (well at least it did for me) with a warm heartfelt feeling.


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