A Walk Through Holland at the Philadelphia Flower Show

The Annual PHS Philadelphia Flower Show took place in the Pennsylvania Convention Center from March 11-19. This year, the show’s theme was Holland: Flowering the World. The flower show showcased extraordinary plants and displays, as well as award winning landscape and floral designers from the Netherlands. The proceeds from the show benefit programs hosted by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. The flower show attracts 250,000 visitors annually dating back to 1829. Alongside of the flower show included an exhibit called Butterflies Live: an interactive exhibit where visitors could interact with butterflies. Below are the pictures that I took on my trip to the flower show on March 15. My goal of my experience was to capture the beauty of the flower show.


At the PHS flower show, flowers were displayed in a variety of ways other than the normal arrangement in a pot or vase. Various different types of flowers were displayed dangling from the ceiling through string.
Tulips were the flowers that were most showcased in the show. Here is a shot of just a few of the thousands of tulips showcased.
A less popular flower that was displayed at the show with a unique variety of colors.
Flowers were displayed in all different types of ways, even in vases hanging from the ceiling overhead a walk through of a garden.
Another different type of display were showcasing flowers in everyday settings. In this photo, a bouquet of flowers were showcased in a dining room table display.
Flowers were also displayed with backdrops that were aesthetically pleasing.
A light display of varied orange flowers stood on it’s own in the middle of the show. It incorporated various objects as well into the display, such as cinder blocks.
A simple potted orange floral display still stands out on it’s own among the other extravagant displays.
At the entrance of the show was a huge bridge that was surrounded by water and various flowers. The side of the bride shows the walkway over the bridge, street lights and bicycles that really bring the display to life.
My aunt, Kathy, had a flower in her hair that attracted two monarch butterflies to her head during the Butterflies: Live exhibit.

One thought on “A Walk Through Holland at the Philadelphia Flower Show

  1. Beautiful photos! Rather than including all your photos, I’d recommend cutting this down to 10 or so that best represent your subject and provide variety (do include some people shots). Your cutlines should provide the names of the flowers when possible and ideally more information than can be gleaned from the picture (for example, rather than “Closeup of daisy,” you could write “The Gerber daisy was one of the more common flowers on display at the show, which features 3,500 varieties from around the world.” (I made that number up but you get the gist of it.) Is there a website or program for the show that would be useful in amplifying your cutlines?


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