4th Hour Social Media Promotions

Facebook Post For A Walk Through Holland Blog Post:

Wanted to attend the 2017 Philadelphia Flower Show but got trapped inside because of the snow? Check out my blog for pictures and more information!


Facebook Post for 13 Reasons Why Review Blog Post:

Looking for something new to watch on Netflix? Check out my review for Netflix’s new series, 13 Reasons Why on my blog!


Tweet For A Walk Through Holland Blog Post:

Is this weather making you catch Spring Fever? Check out my blog to see pictures of the flowers from the #2017PHSFlowerShow


Tweet For 13 Reasons Why Review:

Want to read a review of 13 Reasons Why without any spoilers? Check out my blog! #13ReasonsWhy #Review


You can promote your blog on instagram and snap chat by posting photos of your blog and attaching links. On instagram you can post the link to your blog in your bio. On snapchat you can type in the name of your blog or the URL on a picture and post that to your story so that all your friend on snapchat can see it.


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